February 8, 2009

Stressed Out Katie’s Weight Plummets!

KATIE HOLME'S gaunt appearance on the red carpet at last week’s German premiere of Valkyrie, left onlookers shocked at how much weight the “stressed out” star has shed over the past couple of months.

And pals have revealed that for the first time, Katie’s weight has dropped to under 50 kilos due to the combined pressure from TOM to have another baby and her battle to re-launch her stalled movie career.

Ahlan! reveals why Katie’s stressful lifestyle has left her underweight, emotionally shattered and, close friends say, struggling to conceive...

Baby pressure from Tom
Having recently declared “I want 10 kids,” Tom has made no secret of his desire to expand his brood with Katie.

But friends close to the actress say that Katie’s and Tom’s plans for the coming year couldn’t be more different.

“Tom believes Katie needs to focus on their family again,” spilled a source. “She’s had her time being ‘Katie Holmes’ instead of just Tom’s wife, but in return she agreed to have a second child as soon as that time is over. In Tom’s eyes that’s now.”

However, sources close to exhausted Katie have insisted, “They’ve spent a lot of time apart while she’s been in New York. Katie was relieved to be away from Tom’s family, where she sometimes feels shattered.”

“She is exhausted"
Katie’s 16-week run on Broadway in All My Sons has left the actress “exhausted and fragile”, say insiders.

Said to have lost another six kilos since she started the play, at 5ft 9”, sources believe that Katie is now seriously underweight.

“Katie’s been a real hard worker [in All My Sons],” said one of the play’s crew. “But she needs a break. There are times when she appeared close to tears. She is shattered.”

Battle over where to live
Having spent the past four months based in New York, friends of the 30-year-old actress say that she feels much more at home in the Big Apple than she ever does in LA. Said to have made some more down-to-earth friendships – outside of the entertainment industry – than the likes of Jada PINKETT SMITH and VICTORIA BECKHAM, who make up her Hollywood gang, sources say that Katie has told Tom she wants to relocate to the city – and he isn’t happy about it.

“She feels more at home and connected on the East Coast,” spilled a friend. “She could interact with people there, like her doorman and her neighbours.” Adding that Katie enjoyed “exposing Suri to the museums, parks and culture.” But a source close to Tom has revealed the actor has laid down the law – “Katie will have to return to LA to play happy families.”

Is Katie having trouble conceiving?
Ever since her super-strict pre-wedding diet, which saw Katie working out just days after giving birth, the actress has been concerned about staying as slim as possible. Said to go on four-mile morning runs, four times a week and stick to a low-fat, low-carb eating plan – as well as having quit caffeine and alcohol – insiders say the actress will have to relax her diet and exercise regime if she hopes to conceive this year.

“Tom’s drawn up a plan and asked people around her, such as her Scientology minder, JESSICA RODRIGUEZ, to help Katie stick to it,” spilled a mole. “He feels there’ll be too big an age gap between Suri and her sibling if they leave it any longer.”

Source: www.ahlanlive.com

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